Conquerors Of The Realm
Conquerors Of The Realm

  • Conquerors Of The Realm
  • Conquerors Of The Realm
  • Conquerors Of The Realm
  • Conquerors Of The Realm

Incredible Atmosphere

Beautiful graphics, with music that awakes your inner fighter, with easy inputs and controls.

Catchy Battles

Fight alongside your friends in a post apocalyptic version of our world, with famous landmark to remind you of your current battlefield map.


Our universe was acknowledged in several competitions where it ranked one of the top startups due to it's gaming concept.

About The Game

Conquerors of the Realm is a unique tabletop game made by gamers, for gamers. It’s a collaborative popular tabletop game that is transported into the real world thanks to its Mobile App and online community.

What makes it unique is its collaborative aspect: since there is nothing beyond the first chapter of our game, players will get to create its History, which means everything that will happen later in that whole fantasy world will be up to you, the player. It’s a big responsibility, but we trust you will accept this challenge, and create a whole new world by our side!

How the Old World came to an end

In 2017, Mother Nature unleashed its wrath on the habitants of Planet Earth through several terrible natural disasters that destroyed everything, and everyone, on their way.
When the aftermaths of this catastrophe washed out, the few humans beings left alive buried the dead in the ground, hoping they will find eternal rest. But no one knew that Naïr, the son of The Dark Lord of Evil, had cast a dark spell on the soil, which resurrected the dead, and turned them into evil creatures: Orcs, Giants, and Goblins.
To save the world, the Everborn Protector of Earth, Sisliles, raised the rest of the buried as Elves and Dwarves. Along with those last humans who survived the Apocalypse, they are fighting against evil to save the Realm and take back what was always theirs.

How you can be a part of the New World

But if you want to fight with heroes and bring back peace to Earth, then be an Elf, a Dwarf, or a Human, and show us what you can do! After choosing your race and creating a clan, making history will be up to you! You will be the writer, the producer, and the scenarist of Conquerors of The Realm’s next chapters. So, do not let anyone take that power away from you, for you deserve it!
Go up in the Realm’s classification, gain power, and you and your clan might be able to claim a land of your own and give it a name.
Hon your skills, fight other clans, and claim your prize!







Conquerors Of The Realm

Conquerors Of The Realm

Coming soon to your pocket device.

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